Software System Designer 2

Location: Shanghai, Shanghai, CN

Company: Advanced Micro Devices

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What you do at AMD changes everything 

At AMD, we push the boundaries of what is possible.  We believe in changing the world for the better by driving innovation in high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies – building blocks for gaming, immersive platforms, and the data center. 

Developing great technology takes more than talent: it takes amazing people who understand collaboration, respect, and who will go the “extra mile” to achieve unthinkable results.  It takes people who have the passion and desire to disrupt the status quo, push boundaries, deliver innovation, and change the world.   If you have this type of passion, we invite you to take a look at the opportunities available to come join our team.


Key Responsibilities:



• Collaborate/interface with management and global teams, drive the development and test to deliver a complete image capture and process software solution on AMD platform.

与全球研发、测试团队沟通协作,提供 AMD 平台上的图像采集、处理软件模块解决方案

• A software engineer who craft, implement and integrate AMD platforms to autonomous, compute vision or robotic domain

主要负责 AMD 平台在自动驾驶,机器视觉和机器人平台上的集成设计和实现

• A software engineer who craft and implement image post processing algorithms for AMD platforms

主要负责 AMD 平台图像后处理算法的设计和实现

• A software engineer who craft and implement ISP/camera driver, firmware and Device MFT for AMD Windows platforms

主要负责 AMD 平台 Windows 操作系统的图像采集设备驱动,固件和设备 MFT 的设计和实

• A software engineer who craft and implement Linux or Android Camera framework and middleware in AMD Android platforms

主要负责 AMD 平台 Linux 和安卓操作系统的驱动和中间件的设计和实现

• A software engineer who profile and optimize the ISP/Camera sub-system and image processing algorithms for AMD platforms 主要负责 AMD 平台图像采集及处理子系统的性能分析和优化

• Track the issues per assigned customer projects to make sure in time assignment, resolution development and fix verification.

跟踪合作客户的项目问题,及时通过现场工程师和客户项目团队了解客户需求,负责解决方案 的开发和修复验

Preferred skill and experience:



• Bachelor (and above) degree in EE/CS or other related major


• Solid experience in C/C++ and Python development

扎实的 C/C++ Python 编程和调试经验

• Strong Linux or Android software background in camera framework, middleware and camera imaging application development

熟练掌握 Linux 或安卓操作系统驱动架构和中间件设计及开发

• Or, strong Windows software background in device driver, AVStream, Device MFT and camera imaging application development

或者熟练掌握 Windows 操作系统 AVStream 驱动架构和设备 MFT 设计及开发

• Candidates with following experience is preferred


o Graphics driver and applications Graphics 驱动及应用开发

o Autonomous development 自动驾驶开发经验

o Image processing algorithm development 图像处理算法研究

o Image quality tuning process 图像质量调优实践

o Compute vision development 机器视觉开发经验

o OpenCL development OpenCL 开发经验

o OpenCV development OpenCV 开发经验

o DSP development DSP 开发经验

• Knowledge of Computer Graphics/Multimedia/Image Process is a bonus


• Familiar to image capturing and processing technology and related industry standard is a plus


• Familiar with video processing and improvement algorithms is a bonus.


 • Solid software development, testing and debugging skills with a proven track record in software product development through a full life cycle


Requisition Number: 119671 
Country/Region/Location: China State/Province: Shanghai City: Shanghai 
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