Co-Op Engineer

Location: Singapore, Singapore, SG

Company: Advanced Micro Devices

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Project Title:

Automation of Combinational Logic Analysis Simulator


Project Overview :

Failure analysis is a sophisticated process using which we understand what caused a failure in a device, down to the few atoms that are out-of-place sometimes. To perform this analysis, we first need to understand which transistor (out of a few billion of them in a chip) are defective. To get a scale of proportion, transistors are smaller than viruses. We are searching for 1 evil virus in amidst 4 billion of them within an area smaller than your finger nail.


Laser voltage probing is a technique by which we can optically check on a transistor’s performance while the device is still operating. This technique which generates waveforms of how the transistors toggle is optical resolution limited, so often we pick up signals from multiple transistors at a time. One way to ensure the functionality of the transistor of interest is by studying how each of the neighboring transistors could affect the overall optical signal. The overall signal is a mixture of all the individual signals.


A prototype simulator has been built to take in the inputs such as physical geometry, spice models of transistors and logic elements, test vectors and output waveforms. Intern would be required to improve on existing prototype simulator to add in more automation, functions and usability.



Main project scopes, stating tasks/roles expected of the Intern / Deliverables :

The project will involve matlab and Python scripting. A preliminary version of this simulator exists and the coop’s role will be to build on the existing simulator to automate and improve the functionality.


What the Coop can expect to learn from this project / other remarks :

  1. Fault Isolation processes, understanding the workflow and exposure to some high end debug tools
  2. Matlab coding, Python scripting
  3. Cutting edge semiconductor technology, will be exposed to the 7/14/16nm finfet technology.


Skills Required

Matlab; Python Programming Language

Requisition Number: 75844 
Country: Singapore State: Singapore City: Singapore 
Job Function: Student/ Intern/ Temp

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